new jersey landscape architect

New Jersey Landscape Architects

Live Oak employs some of the best Landscape Architects in the New Jersey and tri-state area who have vast experience from large-scale pool and total property design to the smallest intimate landscape planting. It is our job as Landscape Architects to incorporate the existing site elements, as well as architectural features and extend them into the landscape for added value and beauty to your home. Landscape Architecture, it is important to note, can only be practiced with a 4-year college degree and the passing of a state regulated examination. Let Live Oak take a look at your property from a 'trained eye' perspective.

NJ Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the joining of architecture and landscape into one encompassing idea, which will be applied to your particular project. Our staff here at Live Oak Landscape follows this idea with every project and always takes the chance to extend the architecture of the home into the landscape. Without this sense of extension the project feels isolated, almost 'floating' without a purpose. A strong link between the landscape and home is essential in good design.