Lawn Care

The Spring Clean-Up Service ensures that your yard is ready for the summer season. This service includes removal of leaves and debris which have accumulated over winter from all shrubs, planting beds, tree rings, gardens, patios and decks, sidewalks, and driveways.

All Spring Clean-ups will include cutting back of perennials, touch-up pruning, and edging of all planting beds and tree rings. You will know your service has been completed when we leave a door hanger or "Service Notice," notifying you of our completion of the Spring Clean up.

Regular Visits

Each week, from approximately mid-April through the mid-October, a Live Oak Service Maintenance Crew will be at your home taking care of your regular service: mowing, string trimming, blowing walkways and driveways and other hard surfaces clean, and picking up minor yard debris which has found its way into your grass areas.

  • Visits will take place during a regularly scheduled window of time each week, weather permitting. We may mow earlier or later in the week based on the particular weather conditions at the time.
  • Only walk behind mowers are used for our residential clients - you will never see any big ride-on equipment utilized at your home.
  • Mowing is done at the correct height for the season and weather with blades that are sharpened twice weekly. Correct cutting height will allow the grass to be as healthy and green as possible throughout the year, as well as assist to minimize weed growth. If you would like your grass cut at a height other than our normal mowing height for the season and weather, we will certainly accommodate your request, but an additional charge shall apply.
  • When possible, alternating mowing directions and patterns are performed from week to week to reduce wheel stress and create visually appealing designs.
  • Trimming keeps the grass edges at the beds, walks and driveways razor sharp.
  • Debris that has accumulated on walkways, decks, drives, and the street is blown clean.
  • Minimal amounts of natural yard debris such as sticks are removed from grass areas (larger amounts of debris may be removed at an additional charge).
  • During periods of slower grass growth, our crews will take time to look for other opportunities to enhance your landscape, for example, by hand trimming plants, hard edging planting beds and tree rings, tidying up your patio furniture or curling up your hose.
  • Additional leaf pick-up and removal will begin the third week of October and continue through the second week of November.
  • Each week from May to November (the prime growing season for bed weeds), beds will be maintained to minimize weed growth. In addition, all hard surface areas will be hand weeded or sprayed to control weed growth in the cracks and crevices.

After the second week of November through December, we will perform a complete fall clean up. During this visit we will again remove leaves from the grass and hard surfaces as well as remove leaves from all planting beds and tree rings, gardens, patios and decks, sidewalks, and driveways. We will provide touch-up planting bed and tree ring edging. Additionally, all plants which require spot pruning will be addressed as well as perennial cutbacks.

Although our clean up is more detailed, depending on the removal of leaves from neighboring homes, additional leaves may be blown back onto the property once the cleanup is completed. You will know your service has been completed when we leave a door hanger or "Service Notice," notifying you of our completion of the Fall Clean up

Regular Turf Application Program

No lawn will reach its potential without proper nutrition and protection against weeds. Based on current research and our own experience over the years, fertilization and weed control products must be applied to your lawn in order to get the desired thickness, color, and health and to minimize weeds. Our program provides the best support for your grass to grow strong and eliminate weeds.

Fungicide Applications

We recommend four applications of preventative fungicide treatment during the high-fungus season (Late June through August). Diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot, blight, and other fungus can destroy an otherwise healthy lawn in a matter of days and without warning. These diseases may look like dry grass in the yard, but they are more insidious. Preventing fungus is a less costly and more effective than treating existing fungus.