Plant & Tree Healthcare

Live Oak's Landscape Maintenance is much more than just cutting grass, pulling weeds, and trimming the shrubs. Our educated and experienced staff has gone to great effort to create a residential landscape maintenance program different from the rest. It is our goal to provide our clients with service that exceeds their expectations. Your plants and trees will be healthy and vibrant under our care.

Shrub and Plant Trimming and Pruning

This detailed service provides for the hand pruning and/or shearing of all plants and shrubs requiring trimming up to ten feet tall.

In order to maintain plant health and shape, hedging and pruning should take place regularly. Most plants left to grow on their own around your home will eventually outgrow their space and begin to look unnatural in the confines of your yard. By caring for your plants properly, their life in your yard will be extended and your landscape will look as it was originally intended.

Application of Planting Bed Weed Pre-Emergence

All planting beds and tree rings are treated with a broad spectrum weed pre-emergence to greatly reduce the growth of unwanted and unsightly weeds.

Planting Bed Fertilization

A slow release formula is applied to all planting beds designed to stimulate root growth, maintain plant vigor, and enhance leaf color.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care

Steps are taken to ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs are protected from invasive insects which can cause considerable damage. These applications include Spring Dormant Oil, spring and summer application to control leaf chewing insects such as scale, aphids, and control of mites, and a fall dormant oil or anti-desiccant application to prevent leaf dehydration.

Mulch Installation

Mulching your planting beds serves a number of purposes. Aesthetically, your yard will look great with a fresh coat of mulch in the beds. For your trees and shrubs, mulch helps maintain a more consistent soil temperature, aids in the retention of water, suppresses some weeds, and adds nutrients into the beds as it breaks down over the year.

Wild Life Control (Deer and Rabbits)

Over the past few years, we have been utilizing a number of products that have shown effectiveness at deterring both deer and rabbits from eating your flowers and shrubs. In some cases, regular application prevents wildlife from returning to your property altogether.

Tick Control

Have your entire property and/or perimeter areas treated to aid in the control of ticks in your yard.