I, too THANK YOU and your team for a job well done!! The crew removing snow was working very hard in my area, and did a great job! The parking lots in my area have been cleaned up twice or more, since those who did not move their cars before the storm, later dug their vehicles out and put the snow from around their cars back into the road.

Thanks again!!
Manny Reyes
Board Member, Hearthwood Community

Yes I agree and your guys that plowed the parking areas were wonderful to blow their horns to let us know that they were there to have the cars moved so they could plow. They even shoveled around a car that we could not get moved so they could plow and have all the snow removed. Thanks for a great job.

Pat Johnson
Board President, Hearthwood Community

The finished retaining wall project is fabulous. My compliments to all at Live Oak who got this all finished while I was away. Our house is my sanctuary from a very stressful work environment so I was pleased that it came out so well and was all done.


In an industry that is often filled with "more sizzle than steak", the Live Oak Landscape Company has met our every expectation and their every promise. We have recently extended our contract with Live Oak to ensure this great service into the future.

Brian O'Gibney,
General Manager - Fairway Mews Community

Well our property looks great now. Your crew cuts, edges, weeds, cleans up and genuinely cares about the work they do. It is a pleasure to deal with a true professional and quality company. So I felt compelled to say, "Thank You".

Michael Kauffman

Live Oak has been a partner for 6 years with various extensive projects. They designed and refurbished our entire yard including a lighting and irragation system. We just added a customized designed paver patio with expansion opportunities. The work has been excellent and if any questions arose, they were addressed "in person" immediately.

Live Oak Landscaping Contractors delivers a great product for a great value. There proactive approach is what every company should follow.

Thomas Parsekian